Wednesday, October 3, 2012


1401. Three big teenagers, racing to be first to give their daddy a hug.

1402.  My cowboy waiting for me with a smile and a hug after two weeks away and a long day of travel.

1403. Middle-of-the-night chat with my boy/man who is still on Montana time.

1404. Wise, gracious women to teach with on Sundays.

1405. Circle Cross Country team--so encouraging.

1406. The yearlings greeting me at the fence.

1407. Weed pulling therapy.  A task with VISIBLE progress.

1408. The whole Word of God: speaking consistently of His sovereignty and His love.

1409. Bright orange Florida sunset to remind me that God's infinite beauty is not exclusive to Montana.

1410. A wonderful pair of 10th grade Katie's--two young women eager to go deeper with Christ who invite others to join them, but don't wait around.

1411. New academic year and the structure it brings.

1412. New people that God brings to my life through teaching.

1413. Late afternoon walk and conversation.

1414.  Gift from God's Word:  Matthew 8:6, a beautiful reminder to give thanks for not enough, because thanksgiving always precedes a miracle.

1415. Beautiful story of sacrifice and thanksgiving in Auschwitz.

1416.  Adolescent rooster testing his newly-developed cock-a-doodle-doo.

1417. Endorphins!

1418. Family laughter.

1419. God's gift of new friendships.

1420. A hard eucharisteo-the privilege of being poured out and emptied for others--and the prayer that God will change my heart so this doesn't feel like a hard one.


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