Wednesday, November 21, 2012


1441. Inquisitive boy, so eager to learn. "Excuse me, I have a question..."

1442. Final Saturday sleep-in for a while.

1443. Hurricane that threatened, but missed Haiti.

1444. First four-miler in a long time.

1445. Great run for Reed.  Slow and steady brings personal victory!

1446. First meet of the season.

1447. The best dates are free-- stroll around the farm on a beautiful evening.

1448. Huge orange moon over the barn.

1449. Gangly white rooster perched on a cinder block crowing his heart out.

1450. A cooler morning--the first hint of fall.

1451. The up-side of homeschooling from Reed: "I am the best looking boy in my class--smartest, too."

1452. So many ideas!

1453. Red letters.

1454. Successful first week of work and school for Songbird and seeing the confidence it gives her.

1455. Another cool morning.

1456. Reeses' low rumble of warning to her calf not to get too close to us.

1457. A holiday for catch-up.

1458. Another new baby--with the white tail band like Kenny.

1459. Opening the blinds and seeing the tiny underbelly of a tree frog clinging to the window.

1460. Staying with a momma and calf long enough that she trusts us.

Friday, November 2, 2012


1421.  Cool rain before walking.

1422.  Developing friendships.

1423.  Abundant rain--a reminder to pray for those experiencing drought.

1424.  Wonderful encouraging kids for my kids to be with.

1425. First job for the Songbird doing what she loves with people she likes!

1426. A little time to sleep in.

1427. My boy/man stepping up and embracing a hard goal.

1428. Six months without official employment--and every need met because my God provides and my man is humble and hard working.

1429.  A job offer at last.

1430. Sweet Grace back from Korea.

1431.  Seeing the change a year has made in my Sunday School girls.

1432.  Clean looking fences and borders after a much over-do weed-eater repair.

1433. Happy students, so eager to please.

1434.  The challenge of teaching something new.

1435. Gracious parents who give me the freedom to try new things and sometimes flop.

1436. Flaming marigold plants, tall and gangly.

1437. Tuesday afternoons with Taylor.

1438.  Seeing the great father my Cowboy is.  He humbly and openly shares what's hard for him and lets his kids see him persevere.

1439. Songbird all cute in her scrubs and ready for work.

1440.  Reed following in is dad's footsteps and attempting something really hard.


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