Wednesday, June 13, 2012


1196. Shared stories of God working in the life of those willing to take risks for him.

1197. e-mail updates from two young friends serving and learning in different parts of Africa.

1198. Two yellow cats following along with me on my jog around the farm.

1199. Sweet potato fries.

1200. Hard physical work, many hands making it light.

1201. Grace for 3 days before she goes to Korea
for the summer.

 1202. Happy Girl's Diamond Jubilee Tea Party.

1203. Reed and a pocket full of cash--a family gift.

1204. Boys learning to be men through real responsibility.

1205. Dragging the fields with the cowboy, breaking up poop and re-seeding.

1206. Reed's enthusiasm for teaching VBS.

1207. Two days of "drive time" with my boy/man: good conversations.

1208. Good summer reads.

1209. Making new acquaintances.

1210. Happy Girl's movie remake idea: "Dorky Dancing"

1211. Reed's idea for a comic book series: "Captain Botox" (and his evil nemesis, Flabby Face.)

1212. Summer rest.

1213. Evening breezes.

1214. Swimming--so good for my body, so easy for my joints.


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