Saturday, June 23, 2012


1215. Bed time banter and laughs with the kids.

1216. Opportunities to share our farm with others.

1217. A day at the beach with a wise friend I don't get to see too often.

1218. End of the year gathering with my "Class of '14" girls.  I've watched most of them grow from 3 and adorable to 16 and gorgeous.

1219.  One day with no commitments.

1220. Family sight-seeing trip to IKEA.

1221. Big black seeds saved from the melons.

1222. Cowboy and I arriving at the same conclusion about the melons--the joy of watching them grow from seeds to fruit  is a greater motivation than profit.

1223. Yearlings on the driveway.

1224. New runners for the kids.

1225. A big check to pay for training and tide us over.

1226. Not needing my parents generous offer to help Katie with college because God already provided.

1227. Marsha's love and mentorship of the new 9th grade girls.

1228. Going through "Daily Prayers for Your Husband" and marveling that so many of the character qualities the list instructs me to pray God would cultivate in my man, He already has!  What a great God (and good man) I have!

1229. God moving in the heart of a teenager about a mission trip--the beautiful miracle of a follower who is willing to be interrupted.

1230. 8th graders off to Word Changers camp!

1231. Four red tomatoes.

1232. Pump problems to remind me of the luxury in which I live.

1233. Pump parts that have the decency to break while still under warranty!

1234. The farm after a rain looking extra, extra green.


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