Tuesday, July 3, 2012


1235. Brie and artichoke panini.

1236. Father/daughter spruce up for Reed's room while he's at camp.

1237. Bovine clean-up crew delighting in our failed melon crop.

1238. Very thin crust pizza.

1239. Squawking guinea hens running so awkwardly across the field.

1240. New-to-me classic books.

1241. Used curriculum sale: spend $15, make $100.

1242. Quiet days to process and write.

1243. Ice cream sandwiches.

1244. Finally working through "Lost Tools of Writing."

1245. The feeble meow of Nakita, the ancient farm cat, looking so pathetic when it's time to go back out after eating.

1246. Loud, happy voice of my boy on his way home after a week away.

1247. Surprisingly gorgeous June weather.

1248. Boat ride down the St. John's river soaking in the marshy beauty I've grown to love.

1249. Songbird learning to drive the boat.

1250. Friendly manatee following along, slowing us down.

1251. Startling a sleeping gator and witnessing his flying leap into the river.  Impressive!


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