Friday, July 6, 2012


1253. Reconnecting with cousins--a "plus" from Facebook.

1254. Two great definitions by Platt:  Repentance - turning from sin and SELF toward God; and sanctification - growing into the image of Christ.

1255. Sandhill cranes in the pasture watching me walk.

1256. Holy discontent.

1257. Beautiful corporate worship.

1258. Quiet mornings.

1259. Final debt paid off.

1260. Oh, such a beautiful book: Cry the Beloved Country

1261.  Calling cows in the pouring rain.

1262. Wonderful visual example of the process of sanctification and living in the grace of the Holy Spirit day by day.

1263. VBS

1264. Catch-up coffee with a good friend.

1265. Memory exercises: One whole chapter of Matthew!

1266. Honors Institute invite for Katie. 

1267. Lunch with Gidget and others.

1268. Camille's funny requests in preparation for his arrival: Chocolate milk, strawberries and sweet tea.

1269. Yearlings in the garden!

1270. First calf of the season: Pumpkin Pie. 


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