Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Story

The Five-minute Friday word this week is STORY


I remember as a new believer sitting at camp and listening to the dramatic story of a girl rescued by Christ from drug addiction.

My own story seemed so dull in comparison.

What I didn't realize was that my salvation was just as miraculous as hers, because on my own I am just as prone to wandering and addiction. (We all are.)

During my twenties, because I didn't fill my soul with nourishment from His word, I searched for satisfaction in ways that led me away from Him.  In the process, I added plenty of color to my story: 

the color of mud.

Sometimes I slipped into muddy pits as the result of carelessness, and other times I dove right in.

In the process, I found that there is nothing more dull and unsatisfying than a life apart from the Creator. That “dull” story I had at age 15 proved to be the exciting one!

Fortunately, Mother Teresa was right when she said: There is no pit so deep that the love of God cannot go there.

One day after years of empty searching and pit dwelling, I found myself driving along a highway near the Canadian border with my new baby. Out of the blue, I began sobbing for the closeness I had lost with my Savior. I had wandered so far from Him that I had to confess to Him:

I don't even know if You are real anymore.”

All He wanted was for me to recognize it, to admit it.

He slowly crafted my storyline in a new direction—one that was headed back to Him.

Today, the baby who was with me that day is now a beautiful 18-year-old woman, and I delight in the story that Jesus has woven out of even my mess. He truly pulled me out of a pit, washed me clean and restored me. Mine is a story that is an absolute miracle of grace.

My prayer, however, is that my children would grasp the truth that one need not go into a pit to be rescued from it.

I pray that they will realize what I missed: that a life that trusts the Creator ends up avoiding pits.
And that is the most exciting rescue story of all.



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