Friday, July 20, 2012


1291. Freshly cut hair

1292. Cows lounging in the shade on hot days.

1293. A Savior who is able to do battle with only His Word. (Rev. 2:10)

1294. Debbie's excitement over the Fourth of July Parade.

1295. Sleepover with "Aunt" Debbie.

1296. The Geneva Parade: A celebration of political freedom to remind me of my spiritual freedom.  Both came at great cost, and both deserve my attention and effort to preserve.

1297.  Camille safely arrived for the month.

1298. Hard physical work unloading hay--a great break from the computer!

1299. Barn full of hay, all paid for in July and ready for the winter.

1300. Chickens lying as low to the ground as they can in the July heat.

1301.  Afternoon clouds to provide relief.

1302. Songbird's new blog to share her insights with others.

1303. Seeing my girl take very day happenings and find the spiritual lessons in them.

1304. Moving cows at dusk.

1305. Mickey-D--tiny, blind, nearly crippled, but still ready to take down a momma cow.

1306. Much needed swim with LOR buddies and chat time after.

1307. Megan W. who always makes me laugh.

1308. Camille's non-sensical English phrases: "Whey-are eez za seestair ov Briian?"  "She eez in za bafroooom."  "Eet wrains today.  I will need my homebrella."

1309. Studying the wrath of God in Revelation and finding His mercy woven throughout it.


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