Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Here's a fun exercise I stumbled across.  Five-minute Friday (see the link on the side).  Each week there is a prompt and the challenge is to just write for five minutes.


Dance--what a great word with which to begin this exercise!

The college I attended, Montana State University, had an unwritten rule that no student could graduate without knowing how to dance.  Not just any dance, mind you, only the cowboy jitterbug would do.

Friend after friend tried to teach me the fast-paced and complicated (but FUN) dance.  No luck.

Until Eric.  He was my brother-in-law's best friend, a handsome cowboy who towered over me.  The four of us went a-shuffling one night and lo and behold, I could dance!

Because of his expertise and the considerable difference in size, all I had to do to look expert was give my hands to Eric and relax.

Back and forth, around and around, he flipped me up and over and through some very impressive maneuvers.  Yee haw!

I looked like a pro because I was letting him lead.

Other times I danced with different partners only to find I had two left feet, which trampled them to pieces.  (Who knew such a small woman could stomp that hard?)

Turns out, I could only dance with Eric.

With him, I was a regular cowgirl Ginger Rogers.  Without him, I was a clumsy clod.  Making a dancer out of me required someone who knew the dance and was strong enough to carry me.

I think of that dance often as I stumble through this life, struggling to live in a way that honors God.  I can get so caught up in pleasing and performing that I miss every step and stomp on people's hearts.

Then Jesus reminds me, "Without me, you can't dance, remember?  Give me your hands, trust me, and let me lead."

When I do, oh, how I enjoy the dance!



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