Friday, July 13, 2012


1271. Boy birthday parties: full of laughter, noise and so much sweat!

1272. Rugs on the fence getting washed by the rain and dried by the sun.

1273. The first dip into a freshly opened jar of peanut butter.

1274. Fifty-eight students.  The Lord provides and I pray will use me!

1275. Chatty car ride with Matty W.--love that boy!

1276. Sir William, the neighbor's orphaned calf.

1277. Songbird nursing the failing calf with gentle determination.

1278. Hard eucharisteo: Orphans sometimes die.

1279. Tickets to Montana: The promise of a week of restoration from the beauty of the mountains and my parents' hearts.

1280.  Tiny frog perched on a bush by the wash shed.

1281. Much needed rain followed by cooler, dryer air.

1282. Laughter over a great example of irony:  my entire garden died, but potatoes are sprouting in the refrigerator!

1283. Movie night with a group young women who are fun in all the right ways.

1284. The Odell brothers keeping us in stitches with hysterical tales of their mischievous childhood.

1285. Deepening friendships with acquaintances.

1286. Lilli on the horse: "I'm queen!"

1287. Four-year-old cutie in light-up pink cowboy boots.

1288. Three brothers fishing and the youngest catching the most!

1289. Beth Moore's teaching on Revelation: showing the awe and glory of Christ and removing the dread.

1290. Laughing with my kids.


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