Sunday, September 23, 2012

#1381-#1400 Montana Gifts

1381. The deer and bunny who come eat right from my parents' patio.

1382. Reed's delight when he unexpectedly sends his sisters into gales of laughter.

1383. My sweet mom answering her phone, "Good morning!"

1384. Ice cream at Kagy Korner.

1385. Laughing with my big sis.

1386. Sharing stories and laughter with dear old friends--a chance for my kids to see the wonderful people with whom I was raised.

1387. The view from Grant and Marlene's: 360 degrees of mountain vistas.

1388. Discussing brokenness with lovely broken people.

1389. "There is only one type of person God can use: a sinner."--Grant E.

1390. Two weeks away to remind my children what good friends they are.

1391. Sweet Pea Festival: A celebration of community and creativity.

1392. Downton Abbey movie marathons with my parents.

1393.  A real Montana Rodeo.

1394.  My spirit refreshed by quiet days, mountain views, cool air and the company of family.

1395. Worship at "E-free," the church of my youth: Simple, humble worship and the congregation as the choir.

1396. The similarity between my parents house in Montana and our farm in Florida:  bunnies dashing everywhere.

1397. Evening walk up to Moberry for frozen yogurt---taking walks and not sweating!!!

1398. Going home after two weeks with CLEAN laundry.

1399. The only good thing about leaving the Cowboy at home: It makes it easier to leave Montana.

1400. The ache that comes from saying goodbye to those I love so much.


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