Friday, September 7, 2012


1361. A man who loves me even when I've failed him

1362. Tired, happy teenagers dancing around the gym.

1363.  Sweet Hannah: serious about what matters, light-hearted about everything else.

1364. Mad dash through the airport after a flight delay.

1365. Making our connection just before they close the doors.

1366. "Checked" carry-ons, so we had nothing to carry as we ran!

1367. Big breath of Montana air.

1368.  Sharing a room with my little sister again for a few days.

1369. Short run in the morning, struggling to suck enough oxygen out of the thin mountain air.

1370. Re-connecting with friends at a reunion.

1371.  Morning coffee with my dad.

1372.  Walking the Sourdough trail.

1373. Clear-to-the-bottom creeks.

1374.  Making new friends from old acquaintances.

1375. Cowboy's voice over the phone lines.

1376. The University of Grandpa--every conversation an education.

1377. Great fiddle music.

1378.  Chilly bedroom (in AUGUST!) and a thick down blanket.

1379. Hike to Palisade Falls.

1380.  Mountain beauty that cries out that God is creative, Almighty and GOOD.


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