Friday, August 31, 2012

FMF: Change

Five Minute Friday and the word is: CHANGE


Such a fitting word for this girl! It seems the more I want things to stay the same, the more they change.

Homes: 12 different houses in 20 years of marriage.

The cowboy's career: because he is so curious and ambitious, (and because there's no money in just being a cowboy).

Children growing up too fast: this week my oldest started college and my youngest high school.  The empty nest looms large....

My body: What can I say? I'm 48. THE Change is beginning to rear its ugly head.

Every new change vividly reveals that I am in a losing battle for sameness, for constancy.  It's a battle that can't be won, because I am not the One in control.

And He never promises things will stay the same--only that He is working through all of the changes.

 What if....I just quit fighting?

What if, instead of looking at the dizzying change around me, I fixed my eyes on the God who is the SAME yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Rather than grasping at people and situations and trying to take control so I can feel secure, what if I simply let go and trusted the One who IS in control over all?

What if I found my security in my unchanging God, rather than my ever changing circumstances?

How beautiful could that be?

So my life is a rollercoaster...

Maybe I need to just throw my hands up and enjoy the ride!



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