Thursday, August 30, 2012


1346.  Mission Interact, a beautiful way to bring the body together across denominations and love the community at the same time.

1347. Honor given to a humble young man.

1348. An eager anticipation of seeing how God's grace will turn a great disappointment into a great opportunity for a surrendered young couple.

1349. Blasting away the blues by singing show tunes with the girls at the top of our lungs.

1350.  Watching my cowboy persevere through hard things.  I love that he GIVES his best, but doesn't need to BE the best at everything.

1351. Outpouring of affection for our frenchman by the youth of FBCO.  He may not understand our God, but he will know His love.

1352. Coming up on the 11th hour, waiting to see what God will do.

1353. Another testimony of God's provision through our months of no income.  He alone--and not the government--provided for our needs.

1354.  A new school year, the comfort of routine.

1355.  A choice in every situation to praise instead of complain.

1356.  Songbird's brave testimony before others and the simple, profound truth she shared. 

"Brokenness is part of the plan."  

1357. A very hard and costly relationship lesson, and the bittersweet privilege of walking a child through it.  

1358.  English chatter on the way home from camp.  So many questions, so little time to answer!

1359.  A chance to collaborate with a friend.

1360. The difficult but liberating reminder that the only One I need care about pleasing is the One who takes me as I am.  


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