Tuesday, August 28, 2012


1330.  Late night call to hear the enthusiastic details of the day.

1331. Gift from the Word:  I bear His mark; I am sealed in the Spirit.

1332. Lacy spider webs heavy with morning dew.

1333. Bunny brigade racing me up the driveway.

1334. Pumpkin Pie's adorable underbite.

1335. Water day at the farm thanks to a generous friend.

1336. Great illustration by a young pastor: Righteousness matters, but our acts should be those of an adoring child imitating a beloved Father, not a striving to earn approval.

1337.  A long-awaited interview--in God's perfect timing.

1338.  A beautiful model of a truly repentant prayer for Divine help (Nehemiah 9).

1339.  Pilar, the Columbian firecracker, who never calls me just "Mary" but always "Miss Mary Odell."

1340.  My Happy Girl home again.

1341.  Mike and the boys able to hear Songbird perform.

1342.  Car troubles only a glitch, nothing major.

1343.  Waking up to find a child up even earlier and in the Word.

1344. Calves racing around the field on a windy day.

1345. The deafening roar of a frog multitude after a thunderstorm.


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