Monday, December 10, 2012


1461. October days, just beginning to be bearable.

1462. Newest calf suckling his momma.

1463. Stacey B. jogging and chatting with Reed to keep his pace up and give him company.

1464. Wednesday classes- so delightful because of our history together.

1465. Good attitudes when I get tough about school work.

1466. Dinner on the porch.

1467. Dark pewter swirls of cloud about to unload on the farm.

1468. 7th grade Abby, XC cheerleader (and remarkable runner!)

1469. Personal Records (PR) for both kids.

1470. Baby #4-jet black body and "Dumbo" face--so much like his  momma.

1471. Forgiveness.

1472. Cool run.

1473. Teenagers who think about and wrestle with the Word of God.

1474. Baby #5, a bull with a zebra-striped tail, up and romping within an hour.

1475. A payoff for Reed's perseverance in running: measurable progress.

1476. Curious calves.

1477. Brother's big block head--just like his Daddy.

1478. Hysterical game of tag between an inquisitive calf and an indignant farm cat.

1479. The clean look of a freshly-mowed lawn.

1480. Sweet team member who uses a "down" week to encourage my boy for three HARD miles.

1481. The cautious, quiet determination of Happy Girl.

1482. Two PRs on a very difficult course.


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