Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm Baaaaack!



Six-months into 2013 and this is my first post of the year.  

That should tell you something.  

I began this year declaring that my Word of the Year was NOURISH.

By February 15--when I could even remember I had a Word of the Year--it was SURVIVE
(because it was more encouraging than LOSER).  

Here's what this academic year looked like for me: 

EIGHT classes to teach, two kids to homeschool, oldest starting college, husband's new career keeping him gone half of the month, leaving me to oversee the running of a 20-acre farm

....and let's face it, I'm no Pioneer Woman.  

Let's just say that for the past ten months I have been so far out of my comfort zone, I don't even know if I could find my way back to it at this point...

I'm all about being authentic, but really, any blogging done over the past several months would likely have been much more bitter than sweet, as I ranted about apathetic students or lamented about missing so many deadlines that I was reduced (more than once) to a sobbing heap on my bathroom floor.  I decided some things are best left un-shared.

(You're welcome.)

Now the last used curriculum sale is over, which makes it officially summer vacation. 

I survived.


And Happy New Year.


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