Wednesday, June 12, 2013

#1483- #1515

1483. Curly Caleb: "Caleb, you're making a mess!"
         "I know...It's 'cause I'm little."

1484. Phone call with my parents.

1485. My father's deep thought and wisdom.

1486. Coaches who expect athletes to behave with honor.

1487.  The flash across a student's face as understanding sinks in.

1488.  My goofy boy:  "How is biology coming?"
           "Let's not talk about that just now, shall we?"

1489. Pumpkin Pie sticking her little calf nose into the truck, so curious.

1490. Dr. Who suit for silly.

1491. Playful Rocky, chasing the dog, the truck, whatever!

1492. Reward for sitting very still: a hesitant nuzzle from a calf.

1493. My Wednesday engaging and fun.

1494. Laughter that diffuses stress.

1495.  Another miraculous provision of aircraft work just before a lean season.

1496. Sunrise at my Bible table.

1497. Silly pre-class chatter: "Dude, I am a man-child.  I shave.  I can watch My Little Pony if I want!"

1498. Honey bees working the pasture, pollen sacks bulging bright yellow.

1499. Luna: Happy Girl's 4-H pig.

1500. Unexpected expense on top of already significant "extras"--a hard eurcharisteo that gives a chance to see the Provider work.

1501.  Gift from the Word: Hebrews 10:21-22  "And since we have a great High Priest who rules over God's house, let us go right into the presence of God with sincere hearts fully trusting Him.  For our hearts have been sprinkled clean with Christ's blood to make us clean, and our bodies have been washed with pure water."

1502.  Cute Shelly G.  "I really like learning in a house!"

1503. Oddball compliment: "This is my most comfortable class."

1504.  The ponderings of Happy Girl: "Sometimes when you hear a song, you just know: This guy has a beard."

1505. A steer and a pig.  Unlikely companions.

1506. Frank lying faithfully beside the caged and recovering Montana.

1507.  Escapee pig, chasing chickens and squealing in delight.

1508. Team family to cheer my kids across the finish line.

1509. Clean, sweet-smelling sheets.

1510.  Our amazing immune system!

1511. Deep truth:  The greatest killer of joy is expectations.

1512. The perfect surprise: A new pack of EXPO markers.

1513. Jonathan Edwards: When God has a great work for His church, it must be preceded by great prayer by His people.

1514.  Frank lying extra still in the pasture, surrounded by inquisitive calves inching closer and closer to sniff him.

1515.  A carload of girls singing Brad Paisley's "I'm Still a Guy."


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