Friday, March 9, 2012


921.  Seed planting assembly line.

922. Helping a friend move.

923. The provision of JOY--so much more valuable than money.

924. International visitors: conversational melange of Korean, Italian, and English.

925. Family photos of a family perfectly blended by God.

926. Early awake and alert.

927. Community coming together for a meal and support.

928. Reminder from the Word just for me:  "So I bought her back...." Hosea 3:2

929. My sisters, still my friends!

930. The feast of me to feed others, too!

931. Affirmation for introverts!

932. Second "flock" of chicks getting bigger.

933. Melons, marigolds and sunflowers all sprouting.

934. Steers off to the fair....bittersweet!

935. Tired, hungry, dirty kids home after a long day of work.  Payoff will come soon!


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