Monday, March 5, 2012


902. Sisters!

903. Melons starting to sprout!

904. Simple, tidy greenhouse courtesy of the Cowboy (he's so handy).

905. Godly men who share friendship and wisdom without judgement.

906. The greening of the farm.

907. Fresh air to clear my head.

908. A rock and a hard place--when Jesus is the Rock.

909. Kim and Jeff Melnick--always offering laughter and encouragement.

910.  3-year-old dictator: "No talking.  We're doing puzzles now."

911. An oak leaf caught in a spider web--not much of a dinner!

912. Hopeful day.

913. Good night's sleep for the Cowboy.

914. My girls recognizing that what looks romantic to the world is often times selfishness in disguise.

915. Clear lungs for Willie!

916. A miracle to offset a disappointment.

917. Two proud men who desire God's glory over their own.

918. First Pah-pah bloom--gorgeous red amaryllis.

919. Fair Week!

920. Wonderful meeting with a kindred spirit.


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