Friday, March 23, 2012


957.  Watermelons ready to transplant.

958. Countdown to May--so much left to teach, so little time!

959.  One more paycheck.

960. Out-of-the-box ideas for my out-of-the-box Songbird.

961. New shelves in the pantry.

962. Frank out on the porch, nagging and whining as soon as he hears me stir in the morning.

963. Constant canine company as we plant seedlings in the field.

964. A small army of young people leaving our church for the world--a chance to serve and experience a small glimpse of the harsh reality of life in other nations.

965. Sunflower sprouts in the garden.

966. Papers graded! (Until the next batch)

967. Every student behind every paper.

968. Seedlings for my garden - cabbage, leeks, squash and tomatoes!

969. One row of melons in the field.

970. Happy Girl's hearts, grooved in the sand around each plant.

971. Three-year-old cousins duking it out at a birthday party--such passion!

972. Planting at sun-up with my guy (and our dogs!)

973. Dirt under my fingernails.

974. Words to offer that encourage another.

975. Nineteen years with my Cowboy.  I am grateful for every minute with him.


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