Thursday, March 29, 2012


976. Shopping with my girls.

977. Inexpensive, light "mumu"--so comfy.

978. Long phone call with my parents.

979. The whole family out planting.

980. New table from old wood built by my talented Cowboy.

981.  Peaceful Monday.  No classes, no appointments.

982. Watching a REAL bee line.  Amazing.

983. Kids back from mission trips, excited to tell their stories.

984. Happy Girl's humor: "I could never go to a school called UTI."

985. Hosting new friends and learning their stories.

986. Big week to trust God for reconciliation and healing.

987. Sweet note from my big sis, just when I needed it!

988. Sunday afternoon nap.

989. Evening hanging outside as the sun goes down.

990. Our neighbor's nightly "sunset" pictures texted to us.

991. Boy time for my boy at the Yurick's.

992. Old pictures, happy memories.

993. Hope.

994. Amazing, inspiring words by my daughter. (Guest post to come...)

995. 14 years with Brother Bear.

996. 18 (sigh) years with my Songbird, my "experimental child."

997. Birthday cupcakes from Sage.  So yummy!

998. Can you say "seniorits"?  "If this is HONORS English, why don't you HONOR us by not giving so much homework?"

999. Guys out shooting in the field.


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