Tuesday, February 28, 2012


880. Frank sticking his nose in the door so I won't shut him out.

881. Egg money! Our first sales.

882. Lone crane gleaning in the misty pasture.

883. Doing life in community.

884. A restful year to restore.

885. A burden to pray for a friend...only to find out later that there was a specific need right then.

886. Wind to dry laundry.

887. Farm dresses...a bit shapeless, but oh, so comfy!

888. Frank's intense focus as he watches the chicks in their cage.

889.  King of the coop.

890. Songbird reaching out in friendship to other girls.

891.  The beautiful example of parents who realize that the safest place for their child is in the hands of God.  Such trust.

892. Another confirmation that intimacy with God is worth any cost.

893. Countdown to the County Fair!  A year's worth of work about to pay off.

894. Successful fundraiser!  On the road to FDA approval for the LHON study!

895. Foggy farm morning--beautiful.

896. Peaceful surroundings outside me to help calm a storm inside me.

897. My red "Poppy" cardinal friend stopping by to bring beauty and encouragement for the day.

898.  Deepening friendships with people who share my interests and passions.

899. Calves butting heads and playing.

900. Shed door fixed!

901. Michelle, who shares her talent with photography to provide stunning Senior pictures for my Songbird.


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