Monday, February 6, 2012


776. Candy making smells.

777. My baby boy opening his mouth and a man's voice coming out.

778. Steers romping in the pasture.

779. NINE eggs!

780. Agreement about tough decisions.

781. Choosing people first.

782. Fat steers waddling up to drink.

783. A man of integrity who knows me well and chooses to love me anyway.

784. Gorgeous new morning.

785. A student who is hungry to learn.

786. Three offspring who are uniquely and abundantly talented.

787. Green just peeking its head up in the pasture.

788. Owing no one but God, and He has cancelled the debt.

789. Crackers, the former house cat, looking pleadingly through the front window.

794. Stiff but enthusiastic trot of our geriatric farm dog off to help the kids.

795. Steers relaxing in the back pasture, looking like huge dogs.

796. The amazing efficiency with which my son works when the carrot of a sleepover is dangled.

797. Reminder to measure success by shining eyes around me.

798. Lunch delivered and shared by a friend.


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