Tuesday, February 7, 2012


799. Sweet Matty W. on the phone with his sick baby brother, "I miss you, too, buddy.  When I get home tomorrow, we'll play so much!"

800. Reed's fishing tip: "Dip the tip of you pole in and then sort of do puppetry..."

801. Men of courage who give their lives for a higher cause than their own success or prestige.

802. The view out my morning window: hazy shadows of steers lying in the mist.

803. New brakes for my van.

804. Little Ana dancing along with the Super Bowl halftime and completely outdoing Madonna.

805. Bubba playing tag with the little brown rooster.

806. Waking up early to get the boy up, only to find him already up and working.

807. A good home for my trusty bike.

808. Letting go of things that are valued, but not eternal.

809. Seeing how well my kids handle their steers at hoof-trimming.


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