Tuesday, February 14, 2012


821. LOVE!

822. Clean sheets.

823. The distance between East and West.

824. Beatitudes.

825. Three-year-old handing out candy to the family like he's Santa Claus.

826. Caleb's giggles as Unka Mike gives him a bath.

827. Warm sweaters on cold mornings.

828. Truth that convicts and demands action.

829. An even dozen eggs.

830. A short-time visit with a long-time friend.  A chance to begin healing a wound I inflicted years ago.

831. Bright red cardinal singing to me from the scrub oak.

832.  A man who is a loving husband and an excellent father.

833. Every morning a fresh start.

834. Words of encouragement all around me when I'm feeling weary.

835.  First clear morning in days.  Sun pouring over the pasture.


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