Tuesday, February 21, 2012


849. Two gorgeous blue jays hopping outside my window.  (Wish I could get a picture!)

850. An unexpected visit and a new friend out of an old acquaintance.

851. Our daily bread and a little bit more.

852. Delicious chicken parmesan made by my Songbird.

853. Columbian food shared with friends.

854. Unintentional but desperately appreciated affirmation--perfectly timed after a panic-filled day.

855. Nala, our faithful mousetrap.

856. Tears to wash out toxic emotions.

857. He acts in power and authority; He speaks in a whisper. 1Kings 19:12

858.  The smell of manure: very stinky but associated with so many fond memories.

859. Another gorgeous farm morning.

860. Steers and cranes at dinner time.

861. Happy Girl's delight as she sees the perfect shot--and captures it on a cheap phone camera.

862. My soft but strong Cowboy who refuses to give in to bitterness or discouragement and understands how to fight with spiritual weaponry.

863. Salted caramel cupcakes made by Sage, from my parents.

864. The opportunity to help provide by doing something meaningful that I enjoy.


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