Friday, February 17, 2012


836. A sister reaching out for encouragement and support. (Why is this so hard for us?)

837. Monopoly with my guys.

838. Walking with friends through trials and seeing them cling to Christ.

839. A reminder to speak less and listen more.

840. A Cowboy who gets what it means to love as Christ loved the church---no matter how often I fail, he just keeps loving.

841. A secret nest with two brown eggs.

840. Head full of ideas for next year.  (Eeek.  But I need to finish this one first!)

842.   Blue jays in the trees.

843. Struggling along with students as they learn new skills and exercise atrophied mental muscles.

844. Students (or parents) who want to come back.

845. Montana running full-speed through the yard, celebrating the morning's freedom and companionship. (Another lesson learned from my dog....)

846. "Patch" the chick who jumped too high and now has a permanent duct tape jacket.

847. Dinner out back.

848. Palms down to release, palms up to receive...always open, never clenched.


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