Monday, February 6, 2012


758. Irrigation!

759. Evening out with my mother-in-law and her friends--great to be the "young people."

760. Barely enough, but all we need.

761. Perfectly timed phone call.

762. Peace in a worrisome situation.

763. A great reminder that God alone provides.

764. Ministry to a friend that takes my eyes off ME, and puts my troubles in perspective.

765. Dancing with my cowboy.

766. Breaking bread and deepening friendships.

767. Noah in the back seat reading the funny papers aloud to us.

768. Thanking God in all things.

769. A situation that only God can fix and the anticipation of seeing what He will do.

770. The Nom-nom boys.

771. Feeding up with my nearly-man.

772. Eight-egg day.

773. Evening sun making even the winter-brown pasture look beautiful.

774. Hard-working husband who is utterly selfless.

775. The privilege of voting.


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