Friday, February 24, 2012


865. Gratitude lessons

866. The constant goodness of my God.

867. Longtime friends who are my family when mine is far away.

868. Car rides with my almost-man, enjoying his happiness.

869. First pink of the morning sun.

870. Watching fruit ripen beautifully in the life of a young man who is seeing so much as he loses his sight.

871. Cheerful, enthusiastic "classroom" discussion.

872. 28 years of being "Fred" to ZoeAnne.

873. Long awaited rain...and a good one, too!

874. Purple rain boots and yellow slicker to keep me dry.

875. Registrations coming in.

876. Asking, seeking, knocking--He always opens, always welcomes me.

877. Game night and a sleepover with Granny.

878. Memorial cookbook as a tribute to my beautiful Aunt Elaine.

879. Thanksgiving always precedes a miracle--anticipation of what the miracle will be.


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