Friday, May 11, 2012


1124. A passionate 18-year-old urging her peers to strive for passion.

1125. Camille for the summer?

1126. Tears over a test from a student who cares.

1127. 30 less acres for grazing.  A chance to thank God for not enough because He can make it enough.

1128. A new sprinkler head that reaches almost my full garden.

1129. "Santa's Workshop" style assembly line building frames for a new hive.

1130. Rain!!!

1131. "Bum Bum" club on a Monday morning.  Exercise and laughter all together!

1132. Hives FILLED with honey.

1133. Don Stewart's humble and enthusiastic help for younger dads.

1134. Movie marathon with the Boothes

1135. Sincere, hard questions, from curious girls.

1136. The Body of Christ working so well--each of us doing our part, working out of our giftedness. (And I don't have to worry about any decorating!!!)

1137. Melons suddenly bursting out all over.

1138. Family of sandhills at the fence.

1140. Skinny, shirtless boy at the front door, wanting to know if Reed can come play.

1141. Watching my son preach a sermon to his peers that he has spent the week living out. (Be faithful in preparation when no one is looking, use what God gave you, trust Him for success.)

1142.  Wonderful young man, reaching out of his sadness and confusion to offer encouragement to my family.


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