Saturday, May 5, 2012


1109. Moms who love ferociously and parent on their knees.

1110. Fathers who will show a girl what it looks like to have a man fight for her regardless of cost.

1111. Squash blossoms.

1112. Corn and beans trying so hard in the sandy soil.

1113. Beautiful quilt by my mom.

1114. Reed practicing a sermon.

1117. Sprinklers in the evening light.

1118. A herd of boys scattering for an airsoft battle.

1119. An old friend to tell me part of my life story that I didn't even know.

1120. The Naves dreaming again of another son from China--a brother for Luke!

1121. One really happy chocolate lab.

1122. Spooky and Naomi calling one another across the farm--weaning is so hard.

1123. Inspiring words to read on sleepless nights.


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