Monday, April 30, 2012


1091. A lazy, rainy afternoon.

1092. Moms and daughters discovering how God has wired them.  Lots of laughter!

1093. Grateful people from our past, eager to give back to the Cowboy, who believed in them years ago.

1094. Guinea hens on the driveway greeting every car, feet flying and heads bobbing.

1095. Two chilly days in April.  Ahhhhh.

1096. Happy kids dancing in the living room (to TV theme songs!)

1097. Reed's first solo baking extravaganza--inspired by Hunger Games

1098.  Camille on Google Maps: "I see you!"

1099. A grieving friend who doesn't have to grieve alone.

1100. Watching my boy start taking on man tasks.

1101. Adolescent goofiness that protects the innocence of my son.

1102.  A strong, satisfying sneeze.  AAAACHHHOOOOO!

1103. The perfect bite: Baked chicken and feta over fresh spinach with balsamic dressing.

1104. Over 200 women enjoying worship and a beautiful story of redemption against the backdrop of our farm.

1105. Peace that surpasses understanding.

1106.  Odd-jobs!

1107. Godly Montana friend who encourages and inspires by quoting both God's word and Clint Eastwood.

1108. Sunset with my Cowboy sitting on the tailgate watching the cows feast.


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