Friday, April 6, 2012

Limitless Gifts: #1001 - #1020

1001.  Friends who pray.

1002. Loving and generous family.

1003.  One afternoon to give the spotlight to a young woman who too rarely gets it.

1004. One generation speaking life into another.

1005.  New beginnings.

1006. A chance to heal.

1007. Slithery snake trails through the field, so detailed you can see the ribs.

1008. Scripture to memorize so that it can never be taken away.

1009. Victory that I didn't earn, but I can claim because of Christ.

1010. The written words of saints who have gone before me.

1011. MOLLY--life long friendship.

1012. Godly men who affirm and encourage my husband in a way I can't.

1013.  Peacocks at the post office.

1014. New neighbors--with a BOY!

1015. My new "adult" painting polka dots on her sister's legs.

1016. 40+ year old magazine clipping with my original fudge recipe--re-named "Mary's own fudge" by my sweet mom.

1017. Spinach with parmesan!

1018. Reed's "fashion finds"--a Domo hat.

1019. Cool nights and mornings despite the hot days.

1020. Frank's ongoing mission to come in the house.


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