Monday, April 16, 2012


1041. Excellent news about the Cowboy's flight hours.  (More than we thought!)

1042. Little (and big) hints at an opportunity that only God can make happen. If He doesn't show up, it's not gonna happen!

1043. Jeri Daniel: friend, inspiration, encourager, truth-teller.

1044. A husband who never gives up hope.

1045. Kids who accept changed circumstances without flinching and remain happy and optimistic.

1046. Universal blood--just as my O- can go to any person, Christ's holy blood can cover any sin.

1047. Isaiah 48:10

1048. Isaiah 49:26

1049. Cats, dogs, and chickens co-existing peacefully in the backyard.

1050. Unreasonable joy.

1051. Red-headed woodpecker on the fence who lets me get so close!

1052. Frank hiding out under the kitchen table, hoping I won't find him. ("If I don't make eye contact, maybe she won't see me.....")

1053. A long-awaited pregnancy for the Cardens.  A "yes" after years of "wait."

1054.  Field trip to a tattoo parlor for a nose piercing.  How's that for a rite of passage ceremony? (groan)

1055. Crane at the fence eating the horses' leftovers.

1056. The grace and encouragement of Sue McIntyre--guidance counselor extraordinaire.

1057. Jim Boin--a life-long, "got-your-back" friend to my Cowboy.

1058. Pilar's excitement over my coupon savings.  What a cheerleader!

1059.  Our five loaves and two fish to give thanks for and watch God provide.


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