Thursday, April 19, 2012

#1060 - #1075

1060. Heavy-duty three-hole punch.

1061.  Brother Bear's never-ending growth spurt.

1062. Baby cranes

1063. Corn shoots popping up.

1064. The boot brawl event for kids at the Geneva rodeo--so cute!

1065. Phone chat with my big sis.

1066. Songbird and Happy Girl, off to take the ACT together.

1067. Seder dinner: a beautiful picture of God's plan for redemption.

1068. My chatty morning husband. (I see where Reed gets it!)

1069.  First week of "Far Above Rubies" completed.  Mom's who give gracious gratitude despite my shortcomings.

1070.  Helpful, organized women to step up to fill in my gaps.

1071.  Hallie and Grace leading younger girls.  (I hope those girls realize how lucky they are!)

1072. Melon field looking pretty: hand-hoed by my guy.

1073. The richness of God's Word when given focus and effort.

1074. Yahweh Elohim -- an almighty but intimately personal God. (Not that god, but my God.)

1075. Crystal bead of water in a sprout of corn.


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