Thursday, April 12, 2012


1021. A new challenge...and a new opportunity.

1022. Friendships and community worth fighting for.

1023.  Imperfect people finding grace for one another.

1024. Melon seedlings all in the field now.

1025. Rainy morning watching my Songbird coax a stubborn, frisky horse to come work.  So patient!

1026. Driving with Happy Girl.

1027. Seeds to plant to remind me that I must die if I want to produce a harvest.

1028. Honey from our hives.

1029.  Easter eggs and cookies with the big kids.

1030. Growth in the melon field.

1031. Good start painting the barn.

1032. Watching my kids budget and prioritize after receiving their steer checks.

1033.  Good market price for calves.

1034.  Mama bellowing in the pasture.

1035. A heart that is still soft enough to break.

1036.  The thunder of hooves as Shadow and Charlie have their morning romp.

1037.  Headache medicine.

1038. New green leaves on plants I thought were goners.

1039.  A sweet reminder that my life has touched others for Christ.

1040.  People reaching out to remind me how rich I am in friendships.


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