Monday, April 23, 2012


1076. Three camo-clad Spielbergs out filming in the woods.

1077. Reading aloud to middle schoolers--I love that they still love it!

1078. Fresh farm morning.

1079. Time enough spent in one place that I've had time to see God work in the lives of young people.

1080. Women reaching out and drawing in and supporting one another.

1081. Enthusiastic thinkers to talk and share ideas with.

1082. New books.

1083. Thought-provoking article on education.

1084. Songbird on her way to feed horses, buckets swinging.

1085. Big, redneck mechanic, proud enough of his persuasive essay to read it out loud.

1086. Shared stories so that the Body can learn from one another and grow together.

1087. Good heavy rain after too many dry weeks.

1088. Reed's proclamation as he comes in the back door: "I have returned.  Adore me."

1089. Tiny shoots of basil coming up around my tomato plant.

1090.  Yellow blooms on the melon plants.  Come on bees, do your stuff!


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