Monday, May 21, 2012

#1161 -#1176

1161. Blackberry picking!

1162.  A God who upholds covenants.

1163. Thirty years later, I STILL enjoy the people I went to High School with.

1164. More possibilities opening up.

1165. New row of sprinklers.

1166. Mama cows who will let me pet their heads.

1167. The peace upon remembering my sweet, tough father-in-law that he is with Jesus.

1168. All three boys gathered around Cathy, laughing and enjoying one another.

1169. Melon patch lined with bright green bars of Irish Spring to keep deer away.

1170. Beautiful graduate and graduation.

1171. Word from my graduate that even after having me as "teacher" for 9 years, what she will remember most is the love and laughter in our home.

1172. Low-stress entertaining and a chance to sit and visit.

1173. Happy Girl's insights and ability to relate to younger girls. "If someone knew you as well as you know God and they told people you were best friends, would you agree, or be creeped out?"

1174. Handsome, strapping young men getting all excited by a gift of matching Batman boxer shorts.

1175. Innocent humor of a sweet boy: "Wow.  This is a lot of melons!  You should sell them."  (You think?)

1176. Hannah and Hallie, the Happy Twins, working together on a proposal.


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