Monday, May 28, 2012

#1177 - #1195

1177. Max, waiting to open his gift until the girls arrived--what a friend!

1178. A handful of beans!

1179. My mamma, such a sweet, mischievous grandma.

1180.  Used curriculum sales.

1181. A godly young man who is "musical father" to my Songbird and his beautiful example of grace and forgiveness amidst painful circumstances.

1182.  Happy lab, chasing bubbles.

1183. A friendly stampede as the girls bring hay to the herd.

1184. Cousin Ashley playing with the cows.  No fear.

1185. The biggest melon yet.

1186. Toddlers through the dog door.

1187. Curly Kaleb sprawled in the grass.

1188. Letters of blessing from Daddies to daughters.

1189. The comfort of the Holy Spirit on a very disappointing morning when we discover something is killing the melons.  It's all grace.

1190. Teenage servants washing the feet of their peers.

1191.  Helpful people eager to assist me in my quest for answers.

1192. Brave, humble dads publicly speaking their love to their daughters through very manly tears.

1193. Enthusiastic young women--even if they are the minority--stepping up to really live for Christ.

1194. Unexpected birthday wishes.

1195. Ice cream for lunch--birthday treat!


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