Wednesday, May 16, 2012


1143. Happy Girl's quirks about taste and texture aggravated all together in one protein drink.  "This drink makes my bad list twice."

1144. Hearts shared by women with authenticity.  We are not alone.

1145. Older girls loving on my girls.

1146. My girls and their delightful friends all dressed up and feeling beautiful.

1147. Friends for my kids who know how to have "no regrets" fun.

1148. Guinea hens asleep on the fence.

1149. Fresh garden tomatoes..(not MY garden, but still yummy!)

1150. Long skinny rattlesnake watermelons.

1151. Songbird's Medusa hair--a combination of prom hair products and a night's sleep.

1152. Beautiful ideas by teen girls for creating a Holy Space for their peers.

1153. Dinner out with a friend.

1154. A chance for God alone to provide and the reminder that He has been the provider all along.

1155. Mother's Day camera--a gift of sacrifice from my children.

1156. Sweet words written to go with the gift--even better.

1157. Friends for my Happy Girl who spur her on to love and GOOD WORKS.

1158. Spooky and the horrible rotten no-good very bad day.

1159. Adorable little boy at the front of the church making scrunchy faces as he tried to smile for a camera.

1160. The Spirit within me to show me when I have spoken carelessly.


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