Wednesday, January 4, 2012


683. Gorgeous winter sunset.

684. Mountain of dirty, smelly boy laundry to do.  Love those boys.

685. A husband who loves his son for who he is--and works to guide him according to God's plan and not dad's agenda.

686. Camille calling "Maaaama, Maaaama..." thoughout the house.

687. Bundling up for a very cold (for Florida) night.

688. Toys R Us with the wildman.

689. Granny calling to make sure we've tucked the animals in warmly.

690. Freshly disced pasture resting before seeds.

691. "Shopping" cute girl toys with Happy Girl. (She loves the Princess umbrellas.)

692.  Camille's description of American tourists..."So stupid....'where is, where is, where is...' oo la la... YOU 'AV A MAP!"

693.  Water twinkling in the sun as the cold wind ripples.

694. Beautiful brown egg.

695. Cowboy walking the pasture, surveying the herd.

696. Dad and daughter on the tailgate talking.


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