Tuesday, January 31, 2012


719.  Enthusiastic adolescents.

720. Staghorn plants--so remarkable.

721. Trusty old stapler: 9 moves and over 20 years later, still with me.

722. Bright orange moon inching up above the tree line.

723. Keeping the cowboy company while he works on the truck brakes.

724.  Reed's steer letter--so full of his personality!

725.  Sandhill cranes in the pasture, breaking up cowpies. Nature's farm equipment.

726. A good reputation. Help me be worthy of it, and protect that of others.

727. Kids discussing and learning to appreciate their uniqueness.

728. Frosty Florida morning.

729.  Fellowship with friends, breaking homemade bread together.

730.  Watching my children blossom.

731. A love note from my mom.

732. Surprise cupcakes just as we are craving something sweet.

733. Competent and gentle technician for medical tests.

734. SEVEN egg day!

735. Catching up with friends.

736. Encouraging teaching from a mentor after a very grumpy day.

737. Really sound sleep.

738. Sandhills flying past the porch in the morning.

739. Guacamole!

740. My 5th-7th grade class.  So bright and eager to learn.


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