Monday, January 2, 2012


648. A serving of peas from the garden.

649. Cold weather--finally!

650. Five-year-old sage explaining the truths he knows: "Policemen eat special foods to give them super strength..."

651. Anna and Jackson for a day!

652.  Shopping western wear with the island boy.

653.  More and more eggs!

654. Steers outgrowing their halters.

655.  Good results from my blood test.

656. Being the go-to person for Camille when he needs "traduction."

657.  The sound of Camille and Mike belly laughing in the next room.

658. "For you," as he offers me a gift from a store's window display.

659. Slow, restful days.

660.  Time to connect for two busy friends.

661. Potato shoots!

662. My special weed-buster tool.

663. Flame-topped pair of wood-peckers in the scrub oaks.

664. Well-fed cardinal on the fence.

665. Freshly mowed pasture, tired but happy French boy.


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