Friday, December 30, 2011


628. Getting to share in the close fellowship of my mom-in-law's small church.

629. Believers who have retired from their professions, but not from ministry.

630. Uncle Jeff cutting up with the kids.

631. Stargazing by a warm fire--loving Google skymap!

632. Egg #5!

633. 101 Things to do with caution tape, by Ashley and Hallie

634. Cousins who don't worry about "blood" relation.

635. Camille safely here!

636.  Picking up where we left off.

637. Humility lessons

638. Little brown rooster nursed back to health after being bullied.

639. One full serving of peas from the garden.

640. UNO every night.

641.  Camille's funny and very French facial expressions.

642. Loud family Christmas Eve dinner.

643. Odell sleepover.

644.  Friends around the fire Christmas night.

645. Reed's nom nom shirt from Noah.

646.  More UNO to help Camille connect.

647. Kids who appreciate being rich in relationships more than rich in stuff.  Empty stockings but full hearts.


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