Tuesday, December 13, 2011


542. God's perfect orchestration.  God using morning sickness to send the perfect "substitute" teacher to connect with two reluctant church goers.

543. Long Sunday naps.

544. Service responsibilities that help a young woman regain her shattered composure.

545. Long-awaited rain!

546. God's mercies, new every morning.

547. Herding cows by truck in the pouring rain.

548. Sunshine after the rain.

549.  Cows and calves grazing nearby. (I love watching them.)

550. Making "birthday pie" to celebrate my nearly-90 neighbor's big day.

551. My husband's gaze...it has the power to make me feel 25 and adorable.

552. Freezer full of deer meat.

592. Encouragement and challenge from God's Word: "They cried out to Him during the battle, and He answered their prayer because they trusted in Him."

593. Frank the farm dog sneaking to wake the slumbering Songbird. (Dogs can tiptoe!)

594. Count down to Camille.


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