Saturday, December 17, 2011


595.   Beautiful loaves of bread.

596.  Hot slices slathered with butter.

597. Pain free morning.

598.  Extra work--God provides.

599. The whole herd running through the field after the truck.

600.  Clueless but enthusiastic lab trying to help.

601. Excellent curriculum

602. Christmas cookies--and cookie dough!

603. Big ugly sweaters.

604. Raw peas--a taste of my childhood.


606. My faithful van:  117, 000 + and still going.  (Two more years, please!)

608. Car rides into town with just one of my kids.  (Doesn't matter which one...)

609. Heartbroken young mother who grieves well and offers the pieces of her shattered heart to God--for all the world to see.

610. Egg #2!


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