Thursday, December 8, 2011

#491-507 Halfway to 1000!

491. My boy catching up to his dad in height.

492. Cool, sunny mornings.

493. Chickens dashing around the yard.

494. Indoor plumbing.

495. Homemade pralines.

496. Silly girls in the kitchen.

497. Purring cats.

498. Pouting farm dog when I won't let him chase chickens.

499. Evening devotions--reverence and laughter.

500. Warm blankets.

501. Foggy sunrise, drinking coffee outside.

502. Company "perks"--not to be taken for granted.

503. Cucumber "family" in my fridge, complete with faces.

504. Poinsettas.

505. Swamp full of cranes in the morning.

506. Stationary attachment for my bike so I can ride far without going anywhere!

507. Slow-paced days--let them be filled with focus and wonder!


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