Monday, December 5, 2011


475. Having something to share.

476. Fresh bags of chicken feed.

477. Each student behind every paper I grade.

478. Chuckles over the creativity and silliness of an essay on "Spoons" (which can apparently be used to stick up one's nose...)

479. Funny comments by the kids and their friend as they make breakfast.

480. A husband with integrity and humility enough to take less for himself so others can have more.

481.  A wise and thoughtful father who is generous with his advice when it is asked for, but never forceful with it.

482.  Pitching in on a present that we KNOW is a good one.

483. Dirt under my fingernails from pulling weeds.

484. Cowboy's reading of Genesis 3.  "Who told you that you were nekkid?"

485.  Games with friends, old and new.

486.  Mandoo!  Good conversation and food.

487. Lunch, farm (and feather) sharing, and lots of laughter with the Morrisons.

488. Trying to keep a straight face as Gabe negotiates, "The thing is Aaron....I'm was chasing chickens to lose weight....they give me a good workout." What a sweet soul!

489. Coffee and conversation under the stars.

490. The gift of laughter.  It costs nothing to give, but enriches so much!


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