Monday, December 12, 2011


525. No need for Christmas gifts--I have been receiving them all year long.

526. Behives-so amazing!

527. Tiny infant queen bee creeping across a wax frame.

528.  Surprise sprout of elephant garlic. So that's where I planted it!

529. Slow, easy Saturdays.

530. Grocery money.

531.  Bright red flowers full of December nectar to feed the bees.

532. Extra virgin olive oil.

533. The whole family working together to get ready for a party.

534. Hungry boy after a morning of man-sized work.

535. The first Christmas cards coming in.

536. Nutella--this is beyond mere groceries!

537. Crazy brown dog, running along barking at the truck.

538. Colored Christmas lights outside.

539. Bonfire with friends.

540. Boy majority for a change!  Sweaty, loud game of manhunt.

541. Katie C., 6th grade mom to all toddlers.


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